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Dec. 11, 2019

In early 2000 when mobile phones came to existence, companies were manufacturing phones with smaller screens, mini-phones are gradually finding their way into the market. Companies are beginning to go the mini-phone way because it is portable and more pocket-friendly.

L8star was also named as GT star, Yamayahu. With many years of experience accumulation, L8star mini phones are now becoming the biggest mini cell phone manufacturer in the world. Ever there are lots of Low-quality HuaQiang North copycats, followers, competitors in the market,  L8star still keeps its promise of delivering quality products, and still be No.1 sales in world mini cell phone niche.

One of L8star’s competitors, Zanco focuses on their brand and they spend more money on PR, while L8star believes in product value.  For people who don't want to pay high prices to buy a smartphone, and they still want a good simple phone,  L8star is an option for them. Now, L8star does not only do businesses on mini phones, but also diversifies its product portfolio to many fields, smartwatches, led strip lights, air mouse, and we generate sales revenues on diverse products, thus company risk is lower, comparing with its competitors. Our L8star Led strip lights, L8star b1 watch are top sellers on Amazon US UK CA.

L8star is located in one of the fastest-growing cities in China, Shenzhen, and office is located at high tech park, Nanshan District, side by side with China's famous brand TCL, Skyworth, Lenovo, And most of the office workers are with bachelor degree education, specialized in various areas. L8star company is open-minded companies, we do business with other trading companies, wholesalers, distributors, and local stores. We are flexible enough to meet up with the needs of all kinds of companies, big and small, we work with, Like helping you design your package, and develop new products for your market.  We make our customers happy by delivering their orders on time, and responsive to their customized needs.

We took our time in choosing our good suppliers and we've been working with some of our suppliers for ten years now, that's because we want our product to be good and more and more people get to know L8star. 



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