FQA of L8star Smart Fitness Watch

Dec. 30, 2019

Q:  how to charge my smart bracelet?

A:  Please check if the metal contact points are good, and make sure the USB charging cable, charging adapter, and power source (PC or AC power socket) are firmly connected. Please get it full charged before you start to use it.


Q: How to turn on smart bracelet?

A:  Long press the button to switch it on and download the fitness tracker app: flagfit 2.0 from apple store or google play and open the Bluetooth from your smartphone, and find the watch and bind it.


Q: How to change the watch face?

A:  Please open the fitness tracker and find the time set, and long press the button, it will change.


Q:  Do I have to run with my phone or will the fitness tracker watch track my data away from the phone and upload it to the app when in range again?


A:  You don't need to run with your phone along, you can wear this fitness watch to run, and your phone will upload data of your watch when you return to wifi/internet areas, (need to keep in sync ). I have found the distance/pace to be off by a bit though when running.


Q:  Does it need to connect to a device or can it connect with a sim card or does it not need anything?

A:  Our smart fitness watch need to connect to a smartphone of you via its fitness tracker app and Bluetooth, you can check data from the fitness watch you wear on its APP of your phone, and NO sim card is needed for the fitness watch, as it can not make/answer incoming call, it's only for data transfer.


Q:  Does it work for Samsung?

A:  Yes, it can work with a Samsung phone except for Samsung Galaxy J3. Other models of series phones are OK. This smart fitness tracker is only suitable for devices that use iOS 8.0/Android OS 4.4 or above and Bluetooth 2.0 or later (not compatible with iPad, PC or Tablet)


Q:  Can I swim with this watch? Is it a waterproof fitness tracker?

A:  Yes, it matches the standard of waterproof IP68, for shallow pools up to 50m, but not for diving.


Q:  Once you download the app, is the internet connection needed? if I am in an area without internet for a month, will I still be able to use it?

A:  It no need Intenet for connection once APP downloaded, But the watch cannot use GPS data if there is no Intenet. 


Q:  Is it the most accurate fitness tracker?

A:  It uses an algorithm to calculate calorie burn, heart rate, blood press, and for the purpose to monitor your daily workout.


Q:  does it come with the option to choose Spanish as the main language?

A: Yes, it does, it supports more than 15 languages,(please check the manual) you can set the languages from your phone, will be the same with your phone.


Q:  Does this have GPS tracker?

A:  No, it doesn't, it only shows the data from your phone.


Q:  Does the watch vibrate when you get a call or message?

A:  Yes it does


Q:  What music apps does it support?

A:  The smart watch L8star B1 supports almost all music from your phone, you need to sync it in order to play.


Q:  How to set the time of the watch? How to change the time format from 24 hour to 12 hour?

A:  It will set when you sync it with your phone, so if you want to change the time format, please change the time set from your phone.


Q:  Just bought an L8Star men's Sports fitness watch and I cannot connect to the app. Is there an alternative without app.

A: There is a need to use the app when you want more data. Without app, there is only a watch that tells you time.


Q:  How to start to use it

A: Please go to apple store/google play to download the app: flagfit 2.0, connect it from the app,  and make sure the Bluetooth of your smartphone is on, find the watch and bind it.


Q:  How to change the time format from 24 hour to 12 hour?

A:  The time is consistent with your time set on your smartphone, if you want it 24 hours, please change the time format of your phone.


Q:  I have a Samsung S8. Trying to sync,  it wants me to give access to contactslocations, phone call log, can I log in without giving access to that all.

A:  Sorry, you might need to allow the access if you want to use it, don't worry, your info are safe, everything will be under international privacy policy.


Q:  Can I set time without logging in?

A:  Sorry, you can't, you need to download the app first and connect the watch with the phone and the time will be the same with your time from the phone.












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