FQA of L8star Mini Phones

Nov. 28, 2019

【Global GSM Frequency】Quad Band GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz. Pls must use the sim card which supports GSM, like T-Mobile, Lycamobile, Speedtalk, Ting GSM, Simple Mobile or any other carrier that provides 2G GSM Sim Card (Select Pre-paid SIM Card). Will not work with AT&T and any CDMA Carriers like Verizon, Sprint, Boost, PagePlus.

How to unlock the mini phone? Please

1. Open the back cover and remove the yellow tape on the battery

2. take off the battery and put your SIM card (memory card, optional)

4. Charge it with charged with electricity

5. Long press the on/off key( phone call key) to switch on

FQA of L8star Mini Phones

How can I change the default language of BM70 to another language?

There are 14 languages inside, please find the Phone Setting and choose the language you want.

I saw BM10 supports many languages and I want to try another language, Hebrew. 

if there is no your language choice, and you still want, please send inquiries, we put your languages inside when you can meet our MOQ order 3000pcs.

 What is the function of the lock switch? 

For L8star bm10 bm90 bm50 bm70, please remove the yellow sticker on the battery, and then press the phone/on/off button for a while, and it will open., if it can’t be open, please remove the sticker and charge the electricity and repeat.

Does it lock the keyboard? 


I have locked my phone and don't remember the password can I find the password?

I have an L8STAR BM70 phone that I forget the password. Can you tell me how I can get into the phone again or do a hard reset to unlock it? 

Please keep the password somewhere you know! Because If you forget the password you set, you can only send your phone back to the factory or find the resellers/shops you bought it from to help you. 

My country needs a different IMEI, how can I change the IMEI?

BM50/BM70 :*#00000#   BM30/BM10:#*8378#9#

I need this phone, how can I get it?

If you are end consumer, just need to order 1 or 2, please follow this link to order http://bit.ly/2R4r5EB

If you want to become our wholesaler/distributors/local agents, please send inquiries to milly@l8star8.com

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