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Nov. 14, 2019

The BM60-Mini - The World’s Smallest Phone:


Are You Looking For A Small Phone? Something which covers all your basic needs and can easily glide into the pocket and be stored? A phone which not only looks stylish but also feels stylish in hand? Something that comes at affordable prices and offers so much more than it's worth? All in a very small size? A phone you can gift, even kids and adults? Then you’re in the right place. Keep reading our article to find out more.



In a world full of phones, where everybody is using phones daily and using it to their maximum pleasure and benefit to get things done on it. Some people use phones to the minimal too. People who do not like the use of phones as much. They just need to use it for to the point tasks, not much of extra leisure is involved in the process — just the minimal use of phones under the best conditions with awesome technology.  


One such mini flip phone is the BM60. It is the World’s smallest flip music phone, which has a colored screen. Can you guys believe it?


Neither do we.

 Discover what even smaller

This mini flip phone L8star BM60 will take you back to the days when flip phones were a thing and give you major throwback goals to relive your dreams and redefine a way of living. There used to be a time when flip phones were a thing, and people were crazy about them. Well, that era is long gone now. People use touch screen phones and there are so many options available in the market. However, the options for the best and the most simple, simpler phones are less. So we decided to come up with BM60. To give people a new reason to look up to phones. Phones are simple and very easy to be used by everyone. All kids, adults and old aged people who do not wish to use phones for much longer duration. This is the best spare phone you will find.




The mini phone L8star BM60  from its design brings back the old memories associated with flip phones but comes in a much cooler and modern design.


The beautiful colors and the way mini phone is made makes the most significant difference in this phone. It looks elite and feels elite even though it is a flip phone.


The phone beautifully and smoothly opens up and slides back down, and the buttons are also extremely convenient to use for people of all ages. It has an overall rounded design with a perfect looking symmetry in the arc, which makes it look dashing from every angle.



BM 60 is considered as the smallest phone in the world. The Folding size of BM 60 is 109 x 28 x 18mm which means that it can easily fit into any place as you like it to. It can be stored very easily and anywhere you like. Be it your pockets or gym shorts, simply put it in without even being noticed. It is so small it will hardly ever feel.




Likewise, the weight of this phone is also less; it is very lightweight and easy to manage. Its compact and small design easily allows it to be part of all your daily activities without any problems. Simply slide this small and lightweight phone like any other thing in your pocket, and you're good to go.

Most phones these days are not this lightweight and might not be as convenient to handle.




The mini flip phone BM60, being the smallest flip phone with a smart and colorful screen, in the world is a big thing in itself. Talking only about the design will make you want to take another look. The features are one of the most important things to talk about too.


The BM 60 holds all the features that a modern phone holds in it, much to our surprise. This phone has surpassed the expectations that many people had from conventional flip phones and brought it to a modern way.


This phone handles all phone calls in a very smooth and normal way. There are no disconnections or signals issues involved despite its small size.


This phone also provides Bluetooth connectivity, even such a small design, so you can easily connect from one device to another without any problems.


This world's smallest flip phone also comes with a voice changer facility with 4 different voices from a child to a man, female, and original, so you can use it in any case if needed.


It is also a great Walkman. You can listen to amazing songs, all the songs you like on it, non stop and on the go as you do your daily things.


The BM 60, despite its smallest designs and size, also features a great battery standing time, so you do not have to wait about the battery of the phone. It lasts a pretty good amount for the size, so you never feel like it's not enough.


This Device can also handle Micro SD card, much to our surprise for up to 32 GB, so all your files are stored on the phone.



To add more, it provides:

●  3 days of standby

● support dual card

● Has a four-band network

● Support  1.14 FTF color screen display

● A built-in magic sound function with FM.


With that being said, we would also like to add that most phones these days have a lot of complexities in life, but this one is a solution to many problems. It is smaller in size and smart in features. It also allows you to stay away from Social media if you’re someone who is looking for a way out.


Phone Calls On mini flip phone L8star BM60:


The mini flip phone BM60 is very easy to make phone calls on it are easy because of its sleek design and a convenient structure. It supports GSM network 1900/1800/900/850. It supports Nano sim.

 BM60 L8star bm10.jpg



About The Manufacturer:

Another mini phone L8star BM70 was publicized on a major scale for the first time when it was shown in the CES 2018, where NBA Basketball star O'Neal was invited, he walked around the show, and suddenly came to this booth and had a look at the mini phone, and was astonished by the size.  

Mini Phone L8star BM70


Another model from the manufacturer L8star and  L8star bm10 also caught the eyes of many journalists during the MWC, Spain 2018. These mini phones were taken/distributed to west Europe and East Asia, especially in East Asia, and lots of people sold them as a gift phone to their loved ones, especially kids and became their first choice as a secondary phone.

Mini phone 3310 (L8star BM10)



As compared to other competitors that mainly focus on the sale of their phones.  We work on high quality, low MOQ, And this is why this phone is becoming such a huge success among people of all ages.

Welcome to distributors/wholesales/branders to contact us!

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