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We are scheduling another new orders of Mini phone L8star BM60 today today

Jan. 28, 2019



The first 10,000 pieces mini-phone L8star bm60 was sold out within one week!  

Distributors and wholesalers are rushing to take this mini phone for their sales,  our factory is now scheduling another new order today, and we are planning to change to a more appealing new packages.

Check what people like most:

1. Three Charming Colors 

BM60 comes in three different eye catchy colors with radian designs. Each color looks very attractive, you can select every color depending on your desire or style with different symmetry.

Shenzhen L8tar Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Easy to Carry

BM60 Mobile phone has a hardware feature that allows you to flip easily and you can put this tiny gadget in your bags and pockets by flipping it. Keep it safe with you in your hands.  

3. Easy to Use

BM60 provides you with a color display with several features that other small mobiles don’t have. You can store your contacts as it has a space of 100 contacts in it.

4. Makes Conversation Easy

BM60 provides you with a feature of messaging with your beloved ones. It provides the capacity of 100 messages, you can chat anytime with anyone using this small gadget.       

         5. Enjoy Multiple Features

BM60 provides you with the best features i.e. Bluetooth, synchronization of calls, messages, and music.

6. Reliable and safe storage

BM60 provides you a separate port for inserting SD card where you can store songs and important data easily.

7. Enjoy Multi-tasking

BM60 gives you the feature to handle your data well through the Bluetooth connectivity because it allows you to share into another medium, you can save copies of important work here or can perform multi-tasking.

8. Listen to Music anytime

BM60 act as a Walkman, you can download music to your SD card anytime and can enjoy the latest songs in a small gadget all the time.

We are sheduling another new orders of Mini phone L8star BM60

9. Hide Your identity and have Fun

BM60 provides you with a feature f voice changing, you can change your voice for the person who hear you on the other side.

We are sheduling another new orders of Mini phone L8star BM60

10. Reliable Battery Timing

BM60 has 300mAh battery which provides long standby time of 120 hours. You can use your small gadget for a long period of time without any fear.

New packages:

Shenzhen L8tar Technology Co., Ltd.

For more L8star phones, please send inquiries....

Shenzhen L8tar Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen L8tar Technology Co., Ltd.



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