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Product Details

•Color:Black, White

•(Customized color: MOQ> 3000pcs)

•Customized logo: MOQ> 2000pcs

•UNLOCKED TO ALL 2G NETWORKS (Will not work on Three Network)

•Package include: Mobile phone, USB cable, Battery

•Carton size: 430*325*185mm(50pcs/carton box)

•Weight:3.5kg/carton( 50pcs)


•Iit's a just feature phone,  just a little mobile phone, incredible small, as long as one of your fingers

• make or receive phone calls via this L8star BM50

•send or receive SMS of your mobile phone via this L8star bm50

•Synchronize SMS list, Call record, phone book of your mobile phone

•to be used as a standalone mobile phone, you need a nano SIM card

•Play fun with your voice

•It's a great gift idea, be attention of a party and parents' gift to their kids, keeping away from internet and games.

•precious for private collections


• Low levels of radiation for little kids and pregnant woman;For a general cellphone, the radiation is 2.1w/kg, but it reaches 0.283w/kg, only 1/7 of a general cellphone.

•some people will sell it to prisioners, it's easy for them to take to prision

•change the voice of you: your voice can be changed if you talk with this phone, people in the other side can't recogize your true voice. wasn't fun to play with?

•please check your network in your country, its 2g

•must be a nano card

•support 1 sim cards and Mirco SD card

•does your country need a official imei no.?contact us if you need



•Frequency Range  GSM1900 /1800/900 /850

•Chip                        MTK6261D

•Internal Memory  32+32M

•Speaker  TBD

•Screen  : 0.66inch

•Resolution  128 x 128

•Battery  260 mAh Li-ion Battery

•Charging Interface  Micro 5pin

•Bluetooth  Support

•MP3 Music  Support

•Product Weight  64g

•Product Size  150*83*31mm

•Package Contents  1 x BM50 Mini Mobile Phone

•1 x USB Cable


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