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Product Details

MINI Flip Music Phone BM60

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Smallest Mobile Phone

The BM60-Mini is world's the smallest flip music phone in color screen. It relives the memories of classic flip phone, redefine away of living.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Smallest Size

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Complete Functions

The phone has all the modern features in it.

It handles phone calls, provide Bluetooth connectivity, voice changer facility, Walkman, and great battery standing time.

Large sized mobiles have increased complexities in the life, but bm60 is a solution to many problems.

The device is smaller in size and smarter in options.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Radian Design

The BM60 has a rounded design with almost perfect symmetry in the arc, making it dazzling from every angle.

The device comes in different eye catchy colors.

Every color looks very attractive and you can choose any of those based on your interest and style.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Handle Micro SD with Max 32GB

The device can handle micro SD with a maximum limit of 32gb.

The small and smart device can make all the major features of large phone available.

Its screen is tiny but it is colorful and handling bm60 is a fun game with its small size and flip flop.

BM60 provide 3 days of standby, support dual card, four-band network, 1.14 FTF color screen display, up to 32G capacity expansion, while the built-in magic sound function, FM, multi-level

to meet user needs.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Color Selection

The BM60 comes in 3 classic colors.

You can choose any base on your interest and style.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Make Phone Calls and Send Messages

BM60 is very easy to make phone calls because of its sleek design and a convenient structure.

Not only its size is smart, but also its features are, it supports GSM network 1900/1800/900/850.

The mobile also has a great storing feature that offers around 100 contacts and 100 messages storage.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Insert Mobile Card

The mobile operates through the Nano SIM card which can be inserted through the back side.

After inserting Nano SIM into the mobile the mobile is ready to do call operations and handles incoming and outgoing messages.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Play as a Walkman

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Enjoy Your Favourite Music With Bluetooth Earbuds

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Mobile Mate & Bluetooth

The phone offers multiple great features and Bluetooth is one of them.

This smart phone can be paired with any modern phone and after pairing these are not only able to pick up the calls/messages from your smartphones, but also can synch music player of your other mobiles.

You can handle your data well through the Bluetooth connectivity because it allows to share into another medium, you can save copies of important work here or can perform multi-tasking.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Magic Voice Changer

Another cool feature of bm60 is you can change voice and it allows you to choose from 4 different types of voices, including original voice, men's/ women's /children's voice.

When you successfully set it up, while you are speaking on BM60 through the voice, people on the other side who hear is the changed voice.

This feature can make the communication more interesting and add fun to the call.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Super Long Standby Time

The Bm60 has very awesome 120 hours super long standby time.

It has a built in battery made of 300mAH large capacity polymer lithium.

This convenient feature is very helpful for time missions where no battery charging option available.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Make Life Easier

The device mechanism keeps you away from the radiations and provide you a healthy environment for your life.

This feature surpassed all because it is most necessary toa healthy life.

It saves eyes from any possible damage from games and other activities on the internet.

Its well developed mechanism keeps you away from radiations therefore for health reasons this is the most preferred device.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Make Life Smarter

Bm60 is a way to replace smartphone and it is a free from the internet charms.

In the world where everyone is busy, mostly because of smartphones whereas completely shutting it down could lose the connection with others around you, bm60 is a solution.

It keeps us connected to the world, but without any internet disturbance, especially during our vacations where we want solicitude.

It lets you feel the real charm of life without any disturbance of a smartphone.

You can enjoy your favorite music, FM radio and enjoy the life as it is.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

Stay Away From Social Bustle

Bm60 is a full package to cover up the needs from a mobile without damaging health and exploiting yourself to harm radiations.

Bm60 provide you a peaceful and calm life and lets you concentrate on your real goals instead of spending lots of time on social media.

This phone is good for kids as well because they won’t be distracted through different apps and will keep their concentration towards the actual thing their study.

Morally and ethically smartphone should not be a play device for kids and instead it should be bm60.

BM60 Mini Flip Music Phone

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